Luiza Jarovsky

Founder and Author

Luiza Jarovsky is the co-founder of the AI, Tech & Privacy Academy, which offers courses, training programs, and educational resources on AI, tech & privacy. She is also the author of Luiza's Newsletter, a weekly publication with 26,000+ subscribers in 135+ countries.

In 2023, Luiza was named by LinkedIn a Top Voice in AI; in 2021, she received a Westin Scholar Award from the IAPP; and in 2020, she was awarded by the President of Israel the “President's Scholarship for Excellence in Science and Innovation” for her Ph.D. research.

She previously worked as a startup lawyer and published three books in Portuguese. She also edited the law book "Direito para Empreendedores" (Law for Entrepreneurs).

Originally from Brazil, Luiza graduated in Law from the University of São Paulo, completed her Master's at Tel Aviv University, and is doing her Ph.D. there as well. She speaks English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Hebrew and is a proud mother of 3.